How it started

Every story has to start somewhere... right?

LiveImage Photo Booth happened a bit by accident, as these things often do (most kids don't grow up dreaming of running a photo booth business... even if it is fun!) Our company started when Mike, a jack of all trades (photographer, wood worker, welder, and artist,) stumbled upon a photo booth at a friend’s party.  He was delighted by the concept, but knew that he could build a better booth and offer a better experience. Now, 7 years later, hundreds of events, thousands of photos, and way too many prints to count, here we are!


We’ve grown a lot, in both the scope and scale of our work.  By honing in on our craft we’ve pushed forward and are proud to offer two beautiful booths, stunning photos, and the best damn experience out there.  Most importantly we’ve added a number of new (and beautiful/handsome/charming) faces to our tight knit family. We still pride ourselves on retaining that small Bay Area business style charm, but despite our small size, you won't find a friendlier, harder working group anywhere!


Meet The Team

While these are our main team of heavy-hitters, all of our Photo Pros hosting your events are just awesome.






Operations Director

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Busy family man and avid woodworker. You're more than likely to run into him at some point!


Operations extraordinare and designer that works events, runs the website, and art direction. He probably likes Sushi and Beer a little too much.

Amazing Designer with a passion for fashion, color, and details. She's also a lover of great art, good food, and video games.

Our newest designer and illustrator; she loves a good mixed drink, bright colors, and doing art as often as possible.




Studio Manager

Customer Relations

Events Director

Illustrator, studio neat freak (she keeps us organized) and biggest dog lover around. If someone loves Westies more than her, we'll eat our socks.


Fashionista and model who loves taking photos more than anyone we know... and she's damn good at it! Best friends with Isha.

LiveImage veteran and a Photo Booth master. Recent grad, fashion connoisseur and best friends with Khusbu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? These are the usual suspects. If you don't see your question or you want to know more, feel free to contact us!

  •     Do you guys price match?

    We  get this question all of the time and we totally understand.  When comparing photo booth companies, be careful and definitely make sure that you know exactly what you're getting for your money.  You'd be surprised at what you'll find. The all too common "travel fee", up-sells, attendant shows up late (or not at all), gear stops working, company goes out of business keeping your deposit, these are just a few of the horror stories that we've heard.  We've also seen tons of ...mmm interesting and creative spins on the term "photo booth" from a simple camera on a tripod, the classic camera in a wooden box, and the huge photo booth "tent" plopped down right in the middle of your upscale event.  With LiveImage, there are no surprises.  What you see on our website is what you get, from the booth and photo samples, to the upfront pricing and no hidden fees.  We're proud to be one of a small handful legit photo booth companies in the Bay Area, but we've managed to keep our prices moderate.

  •      Why Should I Hire You?

    We do things properly, we never cut corners, and we love the work that we do.  It's easy to say that we're the best, but we believe that actions speak louder than words.  7 years into it, tons of positive reviews, and our photos speak for themselves.

  •      What don't you do?

    Not much really.  We love working with clients to create one of  a kind experiences.  Our eclectic team  includes a well rounded group of photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, a welder, and a woodworker.  By combining our creative super powers we can tackle just about any job.

  •      Who else has hired you?

    Literally hundreds of nice people, agencies, and brands.  Our clients are diverse and we do all kinds of different events, which make our job always new and interesting.  We hate to brag, but since you asked, some of the big names include Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Deloitte, EA Interactive, Old Navy, Mulberry, and more.

  •      What area do you cover?

    We're a Bay Area photo booth company, so we naturally cover all of Northern California.  We're also happy to hop on a plane and have had the opportunity to work and meet folks across the country.

  •      Do you charge for travel?

    Absolutely not!  We're always upfront and honest.  Our pricing is proudly displayed right on our website for everyone to see and we have zero hidden fees or upsells.



Contact Us

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1609 63rd St, Emeryville, CA 94608

A San Francisco Photo Booth company proudly serving the greater Bay Area.

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